PVP-anti-slip mats

– Safety first –

Anti-slip mats ought to be standard equipment for any professional transport. The accident statistics prove that inadequately secured loads can lead to serious accidents in cases of emergency braking, evasive manoeuvres or on roads in poor condition.

An arresting belt alone is no longer enough to secure loads. The PVP TRANSMAT range helps assure that the goods are protected until they reach your destination. The necessary safety package is always a combination of arresting belt and PVP anti-slip mats. The friction coefficient (μ measure) of our anti-slip mats of at least 0.6μ secure the transport and are usually reusable.

PVP TRANSMAT products are also used for the transport of materials for the construction, paper, and wood industries, as well as metals sector.

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PVP-Anti-slip mats TM-GF1-730
PVP-Anti-slip mats TM-GF1-930