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- Experience a fantastic new feeling of walking. -

Feel the soft- cushioned walking experience with PVP elastic mats made from colourized recyceld rubber and/or coloured EPDM. PVP elastic mats are the ideal solution for balconies and terasses. The soft and elastic mats give the feeling "of walking the the forest" and have been especially designed to be easy on the joints and reduce the risk of injury. Elastic mats can be installed on all stable sub-surfaces capable of load carring (for example concrete, screed and cast-plaster). A quick installation is made possible by the use of an easy pin system to connect the mats. Whether is new construction, reconstruction or urban renewal projects, PVP elastic mats are always the correct choice.

A number of characteristics emphasize the suitability of PVP elastic mats for balconies and terasses:

  • low-maintaince and long lasting
  • easy installation
  • permeable of water and quick drying
  • non-slip effect
  • temperature and UV-stabilitiy
  • elastic and form stable
  • heat insulating
  • sound reduction and fall protection

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