Products for construction and building

The applications, developed to conform to requirements of the construction industry, are used above all in the functional foundation. The products in the PROTECTMAT range are standard elements. They have proven performance as sealing in structural and civil engineering, e.g. for building flat roofs, greened roofs, parking levels and tunnels. The ACOUSTICMAT line complements this product range. It serves to insulate against sound and impact noise and thus provide invisible noise protection under the pavement or under various floor coverings. Even in the visible outer spaces, e.g. on balconies and terraces, SPORTMAT EF(X)-1000 can be laid as an inexpensive alternative to fall protection plates. The combination of products from the PROTECTMAT, ACOUSTICMAT and SPORTMAT series forms the system solution for YOUR building. In addition to the advantages of easy handling and speed of installation are expanded by optimising the properties for long-term elasticity and increased flexibility.

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